120V LumenTask LED Undercabinet 



With the rising costs of energy, both home  and business owners are looking for ways to not only  cut down on their energy expenses, but also to utilize more earth  friendly light sources.  GM Lighting’s LumenTask™ LED undercabinet  fixtures achieves both of these concerns while offering an attractive and low maintenance product, and now available as a  dimmable fixture.

Key Features:

  • 120V Direct Wiring, With integral on/off switch
  • Integral LED Power Supply
  • No Remote Power Supply Required
  • Low Wattage Consumption
  • 50,000 Hour LED Life
  • No Harmful UV Rays
  • 3000K Warm White  90+ CRI
  • Use Standard Triac Dimmer,  Dimming to 10%.
  • ETL and Energy Star

We've added a new lens configuration


Note: 4 fixtures Maximum load in a consecutive run,  when wiring from fixture to fixture with EZ connectors.  Recommend no more than 4 fixtures on a single hot lead leg(daisy chain/thru wiring).  For more than four fixtures on a given switched circuit, split the hot leg into more than one lead to avoid inter fixture interference.


Ordering Information

Catalog No. Diodes Watts/Fixture Lumens Length Finish
UCLED-8-WH-DIM-30 LED 7W 382 8"  White
UCLED-8-BZ-DIM-30 LED 7W 382 8"  Bronze
UCLED-8-SS-DIM-30 LED 7W 382 8"  Stainless Steel
UCLED-16-WH-DIM-30 LED 11W 625 16"  White
UCLED-16-BZ-DIM-30 LED 11W 625 16"  Bronze
UCLED-16-SS-DIM-30 LED 11W 625  16"  Stainless Steel
UCLED-24-WH-DIM-30 LED 19W 1002 24"  White
UCLED-24-BZ-DIM-30 LED 19W 1002 24"  Bronze
UCLED-24-SS-DIM-30 LED 19W 1002 24"  Stainless Steel
UCLED-32-WH-DIM-30 LED 23W 1166 32"  White
UCLED-32-BZ-DIM-30 LED 23W 1166 32"  Bronze
UCLED-32-SS-DIM-30 LED 23W 1166 32"  Stainless steel


Catalog No. Description
EZ-1 Connects two LumenTask fixtures directly together
EZ-3 3" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-6 6" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-12 12" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-18 18" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
JB-1 LumenTask Junction Box for Hardwire Installation
CP-6 72" Cord and Plug with Modular Connector
GL8 8" Replacement Lens for 8" LumenTask Models
GL16 16" Replacement Lens for 16" LumenTask Models
GL24 24" Replacement Lens for 24" LumenTask Models
GL32 32" Replacement Lens for 32" LumenTask Models

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