12VDC / 24VDC LED Wall Dimmer / Power Supply



SwitchEx is a driver and dimmer in on reliable wall fixture.  SwitchEx drives and dims either 12VDC or 24VDC LED lighting from your 120VAC current.  Available with three interchangeable face plate finishes, SwitchEx fits standard electrical boxes.  Winner of the Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award.

NOTE: Not for use with GMR4,  GMR6 or SDP pucks

Key Features:

  • All in one power supply and wall dimmer
  • Eliminates compatibility issues found in other dimmers
  • Fits in standard recessed electrical box
  • 100% - 1% smooth dimming
  • No minimum load
  • Single pole preset dimmer with on/off sliding switch
  • Adjustable voltage output dial
  • Includes a voltage barrier partition that enables installation of high and low voltage circuit in same box
  • No de-rating required when ganging units
  • Power failure memory
  • Includes Gloss White, Gloss Light Almond and Gloss Dark Brown face plates.  Trim plate by others.


  • Input voltage:  120VAC (108-132VAC), 50/60Hz (47-63Hz)
  • Power Factor: >0.9 @ 120VAC 60 Hz max. load
  • Stand-by Power: ≤0.5W


  • UL
  • FCC approved
  • Complies with limits for a Class B digital device
  • Conforms to NEC Code 725.136.  Class 1 and Class 2 circuit in same enclosure must be separated by partition, unless Class 2 circuit conductors are installed in accordance with 725.41 Class 1 circuits.


  • UL


  • 5 year warranty



Ordering Information

Catalog No. Voltage In Voltage Out Watts Face Plate Finishes*
SWD-40W-12VDC-DIM 120VAC 12VDC 40W Gloss White, Gloss Light Almond, Gloss Dark Brown
SWD-60W-12VDC-DIM 120VAC 12VDC 60W Gloss White, Gloss Light Almond, Gloss Dark Brown
SWD-60W-24VDC-DIM 120VAC 24VDC 60W Gloss White, Gloss Light Almond, Gloss Dark Brown
SWD-100W-24VDC-DIM 120VAC 24VDC 100W Gloss White, Gloss Light Almond, Gloss Dark Brown

*SwitchEx comes with 3 interchangeable face plates.  Trim plate by others.


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