24VDC High Density Flexible HO / SO LED Tape - 5M and 100 Foot Reels



GM Lighting's LEDTask 24VDC High Density High Output Flexible LED Tape features a tightly arranged diode placement that produces an even, high output light.  The intense, even light output is perfect for areas that demand a strong and energy efficient light source.  Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K.

Custom lengths available.  Consult factory. 
NOTE:  Mounting channel is required for proper thermal management

Key Features:

  • 5 Meter Reel - 16.4' or 100 Foot Reel (Standard Output only)
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • Flexible high output (HO) and standard output (SO) LED tape that is cuttable in field
  • Mounts with 3M VHB™ double stick tape
  • Flexible tape to tape and tape to power supply connectors (see below)
  • Dimmable 
  • Maximum run on a given lead is 16'
  • Shipped in anti-static packaging
  • 24VDC remote power supply required
  • Rated at 5.8W per foot
  • 120° viewing angle
  • 50,000 hr operation
  • Up to 580 lumens per foot
  • Class 2
  • ETL certified
  • 5 year warranty
Catalog No. Output Length Watts/Foot Lumens CRI Color Temp.*  
HDT-28024-SO-27 Standard 16'-4" / 5M 2.5W 215/ft. 90+ 2700K  
HDT-28024-SO-30 Standard 16'-4" / 5M 2.5W 220/ft. 90+ 3000K  
HDT-28024-SO-35 Standard 16'-4" / 5M 2.5W 228/ft. 90+ 3500K  
HDT-28024-SO-40 Standard 16'-4" / 5M 2.5W 238/ft. 90+ 4000K  
HDT-28024-SO-100-27 Standard 100' / 30.48M 2.5W 215/ft. 90+ 2700K  
HDT-28024-SO-100-30 Standard 100' / 30.48M 2.5W 220/ft. 90+ 3000K  
HDT-28024-SO-100-35 Standard 100' / 30.48M 2.5W 228/ft. 90+ 3500K  
HDT-28024-SO-100-40 Standard 100' / 30.48M 2.5W 238/ft. 90+ 4000K  
HDT-28024-HO-27 High 16'-4" / 5M 5.8W 500/ft. 90+ 2700K  
HDT-28024-HO-30 High 16'-4" / 5M 5.8W 510/ft. 90+ 3000K  
HDT-28024-HO-35 High 16'-4" / 5M 5.8W 520/ft. 90+ 3500K  
HDT-28024-HO-40 High 16'-4" / 5M 5.8W 580/ft. 90+ 4000K  

MOUNTING CHANNELS:  The HDT Series tape will fir into the following mounting channels:  LED-CHL-45-1200, LED-CHL-XD, LED-CHL-XD-F
Each 16'-4" (5M) reel includes:  (3) ESTW-60 connectors and 24" of lead affixed at start of reel.    • Kelvin temperature (color) ± 100K.


Connectors and Accessories

Catalog. No. Description
ESTC-1 Sure-Tite tape to tape connector
ESTLK-60 Sure-Tite 60" tape to tape connector
ESTW-60 Sure-Tite 60" tape to power connector

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