Aluminum Linear LED Tape Mounting Channels
with NEW! 8 Foot Lengths



GM Lighting’s aluminum channels accepts all GM Lighting LEDTask flexible LED Linear tape.  Perfect for installations that require a rigid extruded channel that the LED tape can be mounted into.  Each channel and lens can be cut in the field to the desired length needed.

Now there’s a channel for every LED linear tape width.  Wider and deeper installations are enabled with our LED-CHL-XD and LED-CHL-XD-F aluminum architectural LED mounting channels.Included frosted lens enables a seamless linear light with no diode imaging.

See NEW! Bendable Mounting Channel Here!

Key Features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Available in 48" lengths 
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting channel for every GM LED Linear Tape




Ordering Information

Catalog No. Length Width Height Finish
LED-CHL 48" 9/16" 7/16" Aluminum
LED-CHL-8 96" 9/16" 7/16" Aluminum
LED-CHL-45 48" 3/4" 3/4" Aluminum
LED-CHL-D 48" 7/8" 1/2" Aluminum
LED-CHL-W 48" 1-1/16" 1/2" Aluminum
LED-CHL-W-8 96" 1-1/16" 1/2" Aluminum
LED-CHL-SLIM 48" 15/16" 1/4" Aluminum
LED-CHL-45-1200 48" 1-1/8" 1-1/8" Aluminum
LED-CHL-XD 48" 1" 7/8" Aluminum
LED-CHL-XD-8 96" 1" 7/8" Aluminum
LED-CHL-XD-F 48" 1-3/16" 7/8" Aluminum

NOTE: LED-CHL-W and LED-CHL comes complete with a white frosted lens.

NOTE: All channels may not accomodate all ribbon to ribbon and ribbon to power supply connections. Please locate connections outside of channel interior.



Catalog No. Description
LED-CHL-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL
LED-CHL-AMC Adjustable brackets (2) for LED-CHL
LED-CHL-W-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL-W
LED-CHL-AMC-W Adjustable brackets (2) for LED-CHL-W
LED-CHL-45-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL-45
LED-CHL-45-EC-H End caps with holes (2) for LED-CHL-45
LED-CHL-45-1200-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL-45-1200
LED-CHL-45-1200-EC-H End caps with holes (2) for LED-CHL-45-1200
LED-CHL-45-MC Mounting clips (2)
LED-CHL-D-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL-D
LED-CHL-D-EC-H End caps with holes (2) for LED-CHL-D
LED-CHL-SLIM-EC Solid end caps for LED-CHL-SLIM
LED-CHL-SLIM-EC-H End caps with holes for LED-CHL-SLIM
LED-CHL-XD-EC Solid end caps (2) for LED-CHL-XD
LED-CHL-AMC-XD Adjustable brackets (2) for LED-CHL-XD
LED-CHL-XD-F-DC Drywall mounting brackets (2) for LED-CHL-XD-F-8



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