LumenTask Accessories



LumenTask comes complete with a wide variety of connectors, lamps and lenses.  In the image you can see:

1.  EZ-1 connects two LumenTask fixtures in series.
2.  EZ Connectors connects two LumenTask fixtures with a flexible cord:

  • EZ-3 (3" Connector)
  • EZ-6 (6" Connector)
  • EZ-12 (12" Connector)
  • EZ-18 (18" Connector

3.  JB-1 junction box (5"L x 1-1/2"H x 2-1/2"W)

4.  CP-6 72" cord and plug



Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description
EZ-1 Connects two LumenTask fixtures directly together
EZ-3 3" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-6 6" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-12 12" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
EZ-18 18" Flexible LumenTask Fixture to Fixture Connector
JB-1 LumenTask Junction Box for Hardwire Installation
CP-6 72" Cord and Plug with Modular Connector
G9-120VCL 35W Xenon Replacement Lamp for 120V LumenTask G9 Base.  Clear.
GL8 8" Replacement Lens for 8" LumenTask Models
GL16 16" Replacement Lens for 16" LumenTask Models
GL24 24" Replacement Lens for 24" LumenTask Models
GL32 32" Replacement Lens for 32" LumenTask Models

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