LTR-S Spec Series RGBW for Indoor and Outdoor Location  



GM Lighting’s RGBW is a quantum leap beyond RGB.  With the addition of a 3000K True White element, a virtually unlimited palette of color and brightness is enabled.  Want the color turned off?  Then just utilize the white light component.  Available for indoor (dry) or outdoor (wet) location.   Available in 16’-4” (5M) reels.

Key Features:

  • 24VDC
  • 3.0W / ft. and 6.0W / ft.
  • True White 3000K only selectable mode available
  • Dry location
  • Cuttable every 4"
  • Wet location is cut and cap only.
  • Custom lengths available - consult factory
  • Wet location encased in UV protected optical clear weather proof silicone sheath
  • 120° viewing angle
  • 3M adhesive back
  • Maximum run on a given lead is 16'-4" 
  • For use with LEDTask™ 24VDC Color Changing Controller
  • UL certification
  • 5 year warranty when paired with GM non-dimming power supply



Ordering Information

Catalog No. Reel Length Lumens/Foot in 3000K Only Mode Watts/Foot Max. Run
LTR-S-24V-3.0W-RGBW-16 16'-4" (5M) 210 3.0W 16'-4"
LTR-S-24V-6.0W-RGBW-16 16'-4" (5M) 430 6.0W 16'-4"
LTR-S-24V-WP-3.0W-RGBW-16 16'-4" (5M) 210 3.0W 16'-4"

Kelvin temp. =/-100K.  16'-4"  reel includes 24" lead affixed to tape.  16'-4" WP reel includes 24" lead affixed to tape and a cut and cap kit.  


Catalog No. Description
RGBW-RWC RGBW controller / amp with battery powered remote
RGBW-RC RGBW repeater

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